Toast on the Coast

Beginners’ baking classes by the seaside…

Starting in March 2019, TBC will be running monthly sourdough workshops by the seaside at the New Cottage Loaf Bakery in Lee-on-Solent. ‘Toast on the Coast’ is an introduction for absolute beginners. Learn how to make dough from scratch, plus make, bake and eat your own pizza dough in class. Take home all you make in the session which includes sourdough loaves, dough to bake at home, your very own yeast starter and a seasonal enriched dough (buns, brioche, chill and more, depending on the time of year!)

We will cover: Bread making basics, ingredients and proportions, using different types of yeast, how to care and make sourdough starters, pizza dough, enriched dough and sourdough bread.

14 spaces available per class.
£65 per class, from 2pm – 6pm.
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Mindful Baking

In collaboration with mental health organisation, Better Health Bakery

In a city where everybody is always rushing around, taking a moment to pause is often difficult. Making bread is commonly considered a long, arduous task, reserved for those with lots of time on their hands – but, in fact, though breadmaking can be slow, it is perfectly possible to fit it into a busy schedule as a mindful part of a daily routine.

We are collaborating with Better Health Bakery, a bakery that offers training placements to adults in recovery from mental ill health, to run a new series of Sunday morning mindful baking workshops…

Learn all the breadmaking basics, find out about different types of natural levains and yeasts that make delicious breads, plus make your own sourdough loaf, rye loaf and Better Health’s famous pizza-al-taglio.

Hot drinks and danishes on arrival. Materials, ingredients, recipes and lunch ALL included. Take home all you make in the session along (including all the loaves) with a free Better Health Bakery apron!

12 places available per class.

£78 per class, 10am – 2pm at Better Health Bakery (13 Stean Street, E8 4ED) – Just 2 minutes walk away from Haggerston Overground station.

*If you have a jam jar or other container at home, please bring it with you in order to take away your starter. Don’t worry if you forget or don’t have anything as we’ll have some spares on hand!

Yeast in the East

Ferment focussed classes held at East London’s ‘Host of Leyton…’

From September 2016 – September 2018, we ran Yeast in the East – a crash course in sourdough bread-making which takes place at Leyton’s HOST Space. In this jam packed, 3.5 hour long workshop, we paid particular attention to all things yeasty. The class was for beginner bakers who wanted to learn about bread making from scratch or for people who dabbled in baking and wanted to consolidate their knowledge.

We covered: Ingredients and proportions, yeasts, how to make your own starter, long prove and sourdough breads, enriched and sweet dough, stretching and folding, proving and shaping, baking in a wood fired oven and a guide to baking in a home oven.

Bake and Blend

Herbal tea blending and bread making classes with Hackney Herbal

In 2015, we collaborated with green-fingered social enterprise Hackney Herbal to run a short series of herbal tea blending and bread making workshops.

Hackney Herbal grow herbs in various gardens around Hackney, East London to produce unique herbal tea blends. The sales from these teas funds free community herbal workshops in and around Hackney.

Bake and Blend was a 3 hour long workshop, which took participants through blending their own tea and baking their own bread. The workshops were run in Broadway Market and at the Stamford Hill Estate community garden.

Bespoke Workshops

Got dough, will travel.

As a huge part of TBC is our portable wood oven, we are willing to travel up and down the UK (and indeed the rest of the world if facilities can be provided for us) to run bespoke bread making workshops. We have run a number of classes and events for a wide range of companies, social enterprises and private clients, from dry deserts to lush countrysides to busy, city streets and are always available to collaborate with other bread loving businesses. Get in touch with us if you have an idea for a workshop.

Workshops have included:
Beer vs. Bread /// 30 minute bread making class using beer as a raising agent.
Speedy Dough /// 20 minute, flatbread making class to show that breadmaking doesn’t have to take all day!
A Little Loaf /// 1.5 hours where participants made dough and buns to take home and bake.
The History of the Mince Pie /// A festive workshop – Decorating and baking mince pies and learning a little about how they came into being.

We have run workshops for Sweaty Betty (London) Bluesky Center (California), Designers on Holiday (Gotland, Sweden) The Bridge Co (Dalston, London), Holly & Co (Richmond), Startisans (Chelsea, London), The London Artisan (Brick Lane, London), SCP (Shoreditch, London), The Stamford Hill community garden (Stamford Hill, London), and SIT Festival (Stroud).