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When life gives you tuna… Recipe for a ceviche feast!

Recipe and image by Julia Georgallis

On a hot day in the sleepy surfing town of Puerto Escondido, some friends of mine followed some dolphins and stole some of their snacks. These snacks happened to be 8 kilos of tuna. I decided to make a feast of guacamole, carpaccio and ceviche with this copious amount of fresh fish for the 20 people in our merry band of travellers. We ate everything with our hands and tortilla chips and washed it all down with beers. Here is a guide to recreating part of our fishy feast…

Recipe: Ceviche

(Serves 5-6 people as a light snack or starter)

400 g Tuna (you can also use any other meaty fish like salmon, trout or any other white fish).
2 small mangos, 2 red onions, 15 g of fresh ginger
Chilli flakes, salt, pepper, paprika
Lots of lime (You’ll need about 16 limes for this)
1 tin of good quality coconut milk

1. To prepare the fish: You must, must, must use sea-fresh fish or ‘sushi grade’ fish to make ceviche or you might give yourself something nasty. The best way to do this is to buy the freshest fish you can and pop it in the freezer over night. Defrost before use. The cold kills any bacteria.
2. Chop up the tuna and mango into cubes, dice the onion and slice ginger into thin strips.
3. Mix all the chopped ingredients together in a big bowl.
4. Add a handful of chilli, a pinch of paprika and salt and pepper. In a separate bowl, squeeze all the limes, mix it with the coconut milk and then pour over the fish and veg.
5. Cover the bowl and leave in the fridge for 20 minutes. Season to taste.
6. Scoop it up with tortilla chips and fill your bellies.