TBC is a nomadic bakery that travels around encouraging people to eat, buy and bake their own bread…

Inspired by communal bread ovens of the past, the bakery uses a wood fired oven to bake bread, run educational supper clubs and events, as well as to teach people how to make homemade loaves from scratch. Run by baker and industrial designer, Julia Georgallis, TBC has run a great many workshops all over the place, from Stroud to Sweden, council estates to rural desert communities.

Please note: Though we are still running workshops and events, since October 2018, the moving kitchen unit is out of commission while Julia works on something bigger for 2020.

TBC was started for practical, spiritual and digestive purposes… and to spread the word of loaf.

Though bread was one of the first foodstuffs that humans managed to produce for themselves (rather than kill animals or eat fruit and veg straight from the earth) and, though it is eaten in almost every corner of the world bread has recently been given a bit of a bad reputation.  In the 60’s, British scientists worked out how to speed up bread production by pumping it full of additives in a process known as the Chorleywood Bread Process. This was great for making a cheaper loaf but from a nutritional point of view it made supermarket bread about as good for you as eating a piece of cardboard and, culturally, it drove lots of bakeries out of business. TBC wants to push the message forward that homemade or artisan bread is not bad for you and aims to connect people back to bread.

There have been three iterations of The Bread Companion’s wood fired kitchen, although, currently the only one that is still in use is the outdoor kitchen at the Designers on Holiday campsite as Julia works on redesigning a bigger kitchen unit for TBC’s next steps. The TBC ovens and brand has been brought to life by a community of makers and designers.

The last iteration of the portable kitchen was built by Studio Makecreate – a Bermondsey based studio specialising in making. The brick ovens in the mobile bakery and static North London oven were handmade in Taunton, UK by Dave at Glastonbury Burners and our table tops were made by designer/maker Tom Gottelier. The oven at the DOH camp was built by Bobby Petersen. The branding and graphic direction has been carefully curated by London based graphic designer Marine Duroselle and our website and blog has been developed by Nico Jullien and the Jullien Brothers.