Supper Club: How to eat your Cactus

In a follow up to our sold-out annual event ‘How to eat your Christmas tree…’ comes ‘How to eat your Cactus…’ In a time of climate change and possible desertification, TBC explores how we can eat cacti – the kings of the desert that survive some of earth’s most hostile environments. All dates apart from 15th September now sold out. Please book here…(read more below…)

Inspired by recent trips to Mexico and the deserts of the Americas, we bring you several ways to eat your cactus at this intriguing supper club. A Native American and homesteading staple, these hardy plants are not only full of attitude, but are loaded with goodness. From sweet prickly pears to healing aloe vera, enjoy a four course feast from the most succulent of succulents!

Taking place in September in a cacti-friendly secret location in North London. 7 pm onwards, 12 people maximum, BYOB.

Images by Julia Georgallis

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