Supper Club: Gotland Nights

TBC collaborates with the DOH organisers to run annual, summer supper club, ‘Gotland Nights.’ on the Swedish island of Gotland (read more below…) .

Taking place each year on the outskirts of peaceful farms and fields in the tiny village of Ala on the idyllic Swedish island of Gotland, enjoy campfire cooking at its finest and funnest.  This 4 course dinner focuses on using local Gotlandic produce and cooking with fire power alone. Join us for a fiery feast on a balmy Skandinavian summer night, root to shoot eating under the stars and enjoying the great outdoors. (N.B It is also possible to camp and rent cabins by booking through Airbnb).

Homemade knackebrod style crisp bread with vegetable
Homemade pickles & dehydrated vegetables

Blended herb and local vegetable dips
Salads made from local shoots and roots
Wood fired focaccia and dutch oven baked bread
Fire baked, seasonal vegetables
Buried vegetables
Cured eggs from Gotland agg
Smoked fish pate
Vegetable pate

Wood baked pie, fruit from the fire, potted strawberries
Homemade marshmallows with local herbal teas and coffee.
Campfire cheese course

Images by Designers on Holiday 

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