Event: Grain is Good, a conversation

In the spring of 2018, The Bread Companion travelled to California for a month long road trip. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Blue Sky Center, an initiative that aims to regenerate the tiny, rural high-desert township of New Cuyama (read more below…)

One warm Friday night in April, we ran bread making workshop,‘Grain is Good.’ What followed was a great, evening long conversation surrounding bread with some of the local women of the town, many of whom had been making bread for their families for decades. The workshop focussed on local, heritage grains – Sonora, red fife and rye flour was donated by the Tehachapi Grain Project, a producer that mills heritage grains, and a yeast starter was donated by master baker Carlos Enriquez, founder of Bakers Kneaded bakery in Los Angeles. We discussed the benefits of sourdough, how bread making differs at home and in industry and, most importantly, we swapped and talked about yeast starters. To visit or find out more about Blue Sky Center, head to www.blueskycenter.org.

Images by Ryan Flanagan & Garett Gerstenberger

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