Catering: 555 Art Residency Welcome Dinner

In the spring of 2018, The Bread Companion travelled to California for a month long road trip. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Blue Sky Center, an initiative that aims to regenerate the tiny rural high desert, township of New Cuyama where we ran a bread making class and also prepared the opening dinner of the Center’s first ever Art Residency, entitled 555 Cuyama (read more below…)

New Cuyama lies in the Central Californian Valley, an agricultural area that is sometimes known as the ‘Bread Basket’ of America, as it produces so much organic produce. The meal’s theme was very much farm-to-table in nature and spirit, with a huge amount of local produce donated by some stellar local food producers. The meal was shared with the artists taking part on the residency, friends of the Center and also with the local community.

The menu was as follows:
— Sonora and rye focaccia using flour from the Tehachapi Grain Project & rosemary from the garden
— Roasted courgettes with Cuyama Valley onions and Cuyama olive branches
— Roasted Cuyama carrots with a local honey and cinnamon glaze and roasted Fat Uncle Farm’s almonds – Cuyama Valley orange, kale and apple salad with Bolt House Farms salad dressing
— Broccoli and local green bean salad with lemon zest and mint from the garden
— Roasted Fat Uncle Farm lamb back and ribs with Cuyama shallots, Californian dried apricots and Fat Uncle Farms almonds
— Greek yoghurt with local mint and garlic
— Cake made from plums, Fat Uncle Farms almonds and yoghurt.
— Cuyama Valley olive oil and apple cake – both cakes used flour from Tehachapi Grain Project.

Images by Ryan Flanagan

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