Supper Club: How to eat your Christmas tree

‘How to eat your Christmas tree…’ is TBC’s annual 5 course evergreen-themed feast, which explores eating the edible heroes of our forests – Christmas trees!

Evergreen trees are pillars of winter, as they stand tall and thriving through minus temperatures and snow – their scent reminiscent of Christmas. In folk medicine, they are a symbol of strength and used at this time of year to ward off colds and boost our immune systems. But come January, we see sad, wilted Christmas trees lining the streets, cast off and disused. During a 4 course meal, conifers are showcased in a multitude of exciting and unusual ways that compliment more celebrated ingredients and flavours. Diners will leave feeling inspired to extend the life of their Christmas tree, perhaps by nibbling on it, after this dining experience!

The supper club has been running since Christmas 2015 and has received press from BBC News, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5Live, BBC Wales, BBC Lincoln, BBC West Midlands, Talk Radio, MonocleVICEITV News, Heart Radio, Eurostar Magazine, Timeout London, London Metro, The Daily Mail and Mould Magazine.  

Images: Mark McGuinness, Lauren Davies, Julia Georgallis

Bespoke Events

The Bread Companion is a nomadic bakery, and with that in mind, we are always available to collaborate with you to organise, run or cater for a special event, no matter how big or small – we are happy to travel far and wide.  To collaborate with Julia or enquire about catering, please email…

Supper Club: Gotland Nights

TBC collaborates with the DOH organisers to run annual, summer supper club, ‘Gotland Nights.’ on the Swedish island of Gotland (read more below…) .

Taking place each year on the outskirts of peaceful farms and fields in the tiny village of Ala on the idyllic Swedish island of Gotland, enjoy campfire cooking at its finest and funnest.  This 4 course dinner focuses on using local Gotlandic produce and cooking with fire power alone. Join us for a fiery feast on a balmy Skandinavian summer night, root to shoot eating under the stars and enjoying the great outdoors. (N.B It is also possible to camp and rent cabins by booking through Airbnb).

Homemade knackebrod style crisp bread with vegetable
Homemade pickles & dehydrated vegetables

Blended herb and local vegetable dips
Salads made from local shoots and roots
Wood fired focaccia and dutch oven baked bread
Fire baked, seasonal vegetables
Buried vegetables
Cured eggs from Gotland agg
Smoked fish pate
Vegetable pate

Wood baked pie, fruit from the fire, potted strawberries
Homemade marshmallows with local herbal teas and coffee.
Campfire cheese course

Images by Designers on Holiday 

Supper Club: How to eat your Cactus

In a follow up to our sold-out annual event ‘How to eat your Christmas tree…’ comes ‘How to eat your Cactus…’ In a time of climate change and possible desertification, TBC explores how we can eat cacti – the kings of the desert that survive some of earth’s most hostile environments. All dates apart from 15th September now sold out. Please book here…(read more below…)

Inspired by recent trips to Mexico and the deserts of the Americas, we bring you several ways to eat your cactus at this intriguing supper club. A Native American and homesteading staple, these hardy plants are not only full of attitude, but are loaded with goodness. From sweet prickly pears to healing aloe vera, enjoy a four course feast from the most succulent of succulents!

Taking place in September in a cacti-friendly secret location in North London. 7 pm onwards, 12 people maximum, BYOB.

Images by Julia Georgallis

Event: Grain is Good, a conversation

In the spring of 2018, The Bread Companion travelled to California for a month long road trip. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Blue Sky Center, an initiative that aims to regenerate the tiny, rural high-desert township of New Cuyama (read more below…)

One warm Friday night in April, we ran bread making workshop,‘Grain is Good.’ What followed was a great, evening long conversation surrounding bread with some of the local women of the town, many of whom had been making bread for their families for decades. The workshop focussed on local, heritage grains – Sonora, red fife and rye flour was donated by the Tehachapi Grain Project, a producer that mills heritage grains, and a yeast starter was donated by master baker Carlos Enriquez, founder of Bakers Kneaded bakery in Los Angeles. We discussed the benefits of sourdough, how bread making differs at home and in industry and, most importantly, we swapped and talked about yeast starters. To visit or find out more about Blue Sky Center, head to

Images by Ryan Flanagan & Garett Gerstenberger

Catering: 555 Art Residency Welcome Dinner

In the spring of 2018, The Bread Companion travelled to California for a month long road trip. We were lucky enough to be invited to the Blue Sky Center, an initiative that aims to regenerate the tiny rural high desert, township of New Cuyama where we ran a bread making class and also prepared the opening dinner of the Center’s first ever Art Residency, entitled 555 Cuyama (read more below…)

New Cuyama lies in the Central Californian Valley, an agricultural area that is sometimes known as the ‘Bread Basket’ of America, as it produces so much organic produce. The meal’s theme was very much farm-to-table in nature and spirit, with a huge amount of local produce donated by some stellar local food producers. The meal was shared with the artists taking part on the residency, friends of the Center and also with the local community.

The menu was as follows:
— Sonora and rye focaccia using flour from the Tehachapi Grain Project & rosemary from the garden
— Roasted courgettes with Cuyama Valley onions and Cuyama olive branches
— Roasted Cuyama carrots with a local honey and cinnamon glaze and roasted Fat Uncle Farm’s almonds – Cuyama Valley orange, kale and apple salad with Bolt House Farms salad dressing
— Broccoli and local green bean salad with lemon zest and mint from the garden
— Roasted Fat Uncle Farm lamb back and ribs with Cuyama shallots, Californian dried apricots and Fat Uncle Farms almonds
— Greek yoghurt with local mint and garlic
— Cake made from plums, Fat Uncle Farms almonds and yoghurt.
— Cuyama Valley olive oil and apple cake – both cakes used flour from Tehachapi Grain Project.

Images by Ryan Flanagan

Supper Club: Cause to Create

Cause to Create is an organisation which aims to spread awareness about the global refugee crisis through creative events. In November 2016, The Bread Companion collaborated with E5 Bakehouse and a group of female refugees to run ‘A Levantine Supper Club,’ for the organisation’s inaugural event.

Catering: Designers on Holiday Basecamp

Each summer for a few weeks, TBC serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for 20 hungry campers on the rocky Swedish island of Gotland at the Designers on Holiday campsite (read more below…).

Run by design/adventure studio Featuring-Featuring, DOH is an annual camping event exploring different possibilities of sustainable off grid living in a modern, design conscious way. TBC cooks using the 3rd iteration of our specially designed communal wood oven and other outdoor cooking methods (smoking, grilling, burying, roasting) as well as using the local produce & flora. Whilst on the campsite, TBC also runs workshops in bread making, Swedish fika baking and outdoor cooking techniques in an organic way that fits into daily camp life. To book your spot or find out more information about DOH visit or email