Yeast in the East

We’re back in May 2018 & September 2018 for 3 more rounds of our ferment focussed classes!

Yeast in the East is a crash course in sourdough bread-making which takes place at Leyton’s HOST Space. In this jam packed, 3.5 hour long workshop, you will learn the basics of all things yeasty. Suitable for beginners who want to learn about bread making from scratch or for people who dabble in baking and would like to know more about sourdoughs.

We will cover ingredients and proportions, yeasts, how to make your own starter, long prove and sourdough breads, enriched & sweet dough, stretching and folding, proving and shaping, baking in a wood fired oven and a guide to baking in a home oven. You will be taught our basic sourdough recipe and take home all you make in the session. There will also be a light dinner provided. This class is suitable for all ages. £37 per head (not including online booking fees) class sizes of between 10 – 14 people. Bring your own bottle of booze to enjoy if you like! From 6.30 – 10 pm.