Our breads are made by hand using sourdough or long prove processes, using the best ingredients we can find. We are firm believers in the health benefits of homemade water ferments and, where possible, we make all of our produce ourselves, including all of our ferments, condiments and accompaniments.

1. A selection of sourdough and long prove breads

Japanese Sour - Japanese rice seasoning sourdough bread made with organic, white British flour and TBC’s multi grain yeast starter

Lavender Longprove- English and French dried lavender using fresh, long prove yeast, organic honey and organic white British flours.

Seeded Sour - Flax, pumpkin and sunflower seed wholemeal flour loaf, made with 25% wholemeal, 25% spelt and 50% organic white British flours and TBC’s multi grain yeast starter.

2. Scotch Eggs

Oriental Egg - Pickled egg, shitake mushroom and Japanese Sour
Royal Egg - Free-range egg, sausagemeat and Lavender longprove

3. Sourdough and homemade ferment sandwiches

Kimchi, coriander, crackling on Japanese Sour
Sauerkraut, special recipe guacamole with prawn on Seeded Sour
Cheese and assorted homemade pickles on Lavender Sour

4. Sweet Snacks

Sourdoughnuts - Sourdough doughnuts filled with middle eastern inspired creme patisserie fillings such as orange blossom and cinnammon, rose and pistachio.

5. Condiments and Ferments

Homemade Kimchi
Homemade Sauerkraut
Assorted, home made pickles
Sourdough yeast starter for bread-making.
Beetroot, red onion and chilli chutney
Apple, ginger and onion chutney
Douglas fir and apple chutney