About Us:
The Bread Companion is a moving, micro bakery that travels
around encouraging people to eat, bake and buy real bread and provide for themselves. Inspired by communal bread ovens of the past, the bakery uses a wood fired oven to bake and sell fresh bread, as well as to teach people how to make their own homemade loaves from scratch. Run by part baker, part designer, Julia Georgallis, our menu focuses on natural, homemade ferments, local ingredients and takes inspiration from bread around the world.

In 1961, the Chorleywood Bread Process was invented, halving
the production time of the everyday loaf. This gave rise to anaemic, supermarket bread and destroyed much of the Britainís bread culture, putting a much unhealthier loaf on the nationís tables. The Bread Companion encourages people to appreciate good bread and homemade food drawing inspiration from communal bread ovens and international bread cultures and recipes.

Building the Companion:
Our bakery is a moving micro kitchen with everything you need for making bread. The trailer itself has been brought to life by a community of makers and designers. The moving kitchen was built by Studio Makecreate Ė a Bermondsey based studio specialising in making, run by product designer Lucy Norman and sculptor Jonathan Batten. Our brick oven was handmade in Taunton, UK by Dave at Glastonbury Burners and our table tops were made by designer/maker Tom Gottelier. The branding and graphic direction has been carefully curated by London based graphic designer Marine Duroselle and our website and blog has been developed by Nico Jullien and the Jullien Brothers.