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Recipe: A Swedish Loaf

Recipe by Julia Georgallis. Images by Featuring Featuring.

This summer, I travelled to Sweden to cater at a campsite (or actually, let’s call it a glampsite) for 20 hungry designers over the course of 2 weeks. I generally cooked humungous one-pot meals paired with some kind of carby joy. This recipe for ragbrod (rye bread) was by far my favourite loaf that I made during the trip. It worked perfectly in both sandwiches, as a sweet snack, with breakfast, lunch AND dinner. This recipe uses ragsikt, which is very finely sifted rye and wholemeal flour I bought in Sweden (I ended up loving Swedish flour so much, that I stuffed my suitcase full of it on my return journey). Using prunes gives the very savoury rye a nice sweetness and a mixture of the seeds and chopped rye give the bread a sneaky crunch. You can buy this Swedish flour online or from Scandi Kitchen, but the recipe works perfectly well by mixing English rye and wholemeal with strong, white bread flour, which is basically what ragsikt is.

(Makes 2 small loaves, or one big one)

IF YOU’RE GOING SWEDISH: 300g Ragsikt, 200g Mjol (both types of flour which you can buy online)
IF YOU’RE GOING ENGLISH 150g Rye sifted flour, 50g Wholemeal, 300g sifted white flour –
10g rock salt or salt flakes
10g fresh yeast (or 7g dried yeast and 50g wild yeast)
400g water
2 tablespoons of chopped rye
1 tablespoon of flaxseed
1 tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
A generous handful of chopped prunes.

1. Mix prunes with the flax, cracked rye and seeds.
2. Mix your flours in a bowl.
3. Add yeast to water.
4. Add flour to the water and yeast and fold until you’ve formed an airy, just-combined dough.
5. Leave for 20 minutes then add salt and fold until combined. Add in the seed and prunes.
6. Stretch and fold the dough once every half an hour for 3 hours.
7. If you are making smaller loaves, separate the dough now, then shape.
8. Pop the dough in the fridge to retard the dough either for 8 hours or overnight to bake in the morning.
7. Just before you put your loaf in the oven, with a sharp knife, make an incision down the middle of the loaf. This is so the dough doesn’t explode into a weird shape as it’s baking.
8. Bake for 40 minutes as hot as your oven will go. (You will need to adjust this depending on your oven. My home fan oven bakes them in 24 minutes – you can bake them for 25 minutes and see how much longer they will need – the bread is ready when you tap it and it sounds hollow inside.)