How to eat your Christmas tree

Concocted in collaboration with HEKA , join TBC for the evergreen-themed, festive supper club ‘How to eat your Christmas tree,’ exploring the edible heroes of our forests.  Back for a third consecutive year, tickets are now available at Grub Club for 10th, 11th December and 5th, 6th, 10th & 11th of January.

Evergreen trees are pillars of winter, as they stand tall and thriving through minus temperatures and snow – their scent reminiscent of Christmas. In folk medicine, they are a symbol of strength and used at this time of year to ward off colds and boost our immune systems. But come January, we see sad, wilted Christmas trees lining the streets and sticking out of bins, cast off and disused. During a 4 course meal, conifers are showcased in a multitude of exciting and unusual ways that compliment more celebrated ingredients and flavours. Diners will leave feeling inspired to extend the life of their Christmas tree, perhaps by nibbling on it, after this dining experience! The supper club was run over Christmas 2015 & Christmas 2016 and received press from VICEITV News, The Daily Mail and Mould Magazine.

Images: Mark McGuinness, Lauren Davies, Julia Georgallis

Dough at Designers on Holiday

Each summer for a few weeks, TBC serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for 20 hungry campers on the rocky Swedish island of Gotland at the Designers on Holiday campsite…

Run by design/adventure studio Featuring-Featuring, DOH is an annual camping event exploring different possibilities of sustainable off grid living in a modern, design conscious way. TBC cooks using the 3rd iteration of our specially designed communal wood oven and other outdoor cooking methods (smoking, grilling, burying, roasting) as well as using the local produce & flora. Whilst on the campsite, TBC also runs workshops in bread making, Swedish fika baking and outdoor cooking techniques in an organic way that fits into daily camp life. To book your spot or find out more information about DOH visit or email

A Levantine Supper Club